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hello, welcome to bearibop! ♡

we're a small texas based art studio comprised of two members: magister and linhee! all of the products we make are inspired by interests we've had ever since we were young. here is a little bit more about us individually: 

/ / magister / / he/him

growing up, magister was in the minority when it came to his interests of anime, gaming, and of course.. art! he began drawing as a hobby but stopped shortly after middle school. in 2010, he decided to pick it up again, practicing for 10-12 hours everyday for about three years. fast forward to 2015, he reconnected with linhee, and on a very haphazard whim, they decided to experiment by signing up for artist alleys within the us. now, he spends most of his days drawing, playing smash ultimate, and watching vtubers. 

/ / linhee / / she/her

as a young girl, linhee often buried herself in games, anime, and manga. if she wasn't buried in one of those activities, you could find her drawing or writing fanfics. after several years of practice and schooling, she became a professional nail artist which allowed her to grow as both an artist and business owner. when linhee reconnected with magister in 2015, she lightheartedly suggested pursuing artist alleys and unknowingly started their journey towards creating bearibop.

bearibop beginnings

what started off as a spontaneous venture has grown into an entire life filled with amazing people and beautiful memories. our goal with bearibop is to share glimpses into our lives and most importantly, tap into those feelings of joy and accomplishment when you finally beat that boss who you grinded hours for, or when you see your favorite character finally overcome the obstacle that's been  holding them back the entire season. magister and linhee grew up replaying soda lake for weeks, grinding himes in maplestory, and reading on the floor of the manga section in books a million.

thank you to everyone who has allowed us to transform a hobby into a passion ♡